Former Beech and Cessna chief dies at 91

Former Beech and Cessna chief dies at 91

As an engineer, Max Bleck has always been fascinated with machines and this passion brought him places including the seat of the president in the four biggest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world – Beech, Cessna, Piper Aircraft and Raytheon Co.

With nearly fifty years on his sleeve in the aircraft industry, Black was the most sought-after leader- trusted by his peers, respected by his companions, and acknowledged by the industry.

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In 1961, Bleck began his journey as a chief engineer for Cessna’s Wallace division and climbed his way up until he was named vice president for operations. Because of his hard work and excellence, he was later scouted by Piper Aircraft in 1975 as the company president.

Then in 1987, he was invited to return to Cessna, by the company president Russ Meyer. He accepted the invitation and sat on the board for one year.

In 1988, Beech called Bleck to ask for his expertise and take on the role of a president. He took the offer. He spent four years in the company until he moved on to Raytheon. By 1995, he decided to retire.

Max Bleck

His love for the industry made him join the General Aviation Manufacturers Association and served as its chairman in 1989.

According to the companies who has worked him, Bleck is a problem solver who can troubleshoot company issues and come back strong. He was famous for the 180-degree turns from losses to profits, introducing new products, ensuring quality service, and streamlining operations.

Mr. Bleck’s remains lay at Downing & Lahey East, 6555 E. Central and visitations will be held between 6:00 and 8:00 in the evening on Sept. 14.

Services will follow at 11 in the morning of Sept. 15 at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 7404 E. Killarney.